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Doubt about Midi Interface!

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  • Doubt about Midi Interface!

    Hi All i am a newbie learning Piano and would like to try few of my own stuffs. I own a Yamaha P-105 a digital. I connect my Piano directly to my PC and use it as a controller with few DAW. I usually get a very high latency because of my current sound card (Creative Audigy 2 - bought it way long back for watching movies). Now i wanted to purchase a professional one and i am looking at the Foucsrite Scarlett Studio. It does not have a MIDI in/out will it still cause any Latency. Please advice me and sorry if my question was a stupid one.

    If you need further information i am ready to provide. Thanks in advance for you responses.

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    hi guys can someone give me some advise on this as it is important and i am planning to purchase this today.