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Microlab M850 Subwoofer Speaker System 2.1 – Fugal, Yet High Quality

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  • Microlab M850 Subwoofer Speaker System 2.1 – Fugal, Yet High Quality

    Most of us today are a part of the ongoing search for bass, sound and audio quality: all available at a frugal price. Subwoofers, also purported as point one channels, offer an option, and the latest addition from Microlab in the form of M850 2.1 subwoofer speaker system takes things up a notch.

    It has everything that you need for PC and multimedia use, and the whole system is available in a rich black color. Both the speakers and the woofer proudly display the brand name on their front, indicating that their manufacturer has invested a lot of effort and thought in the functionality as well as the design.


    And if you’re thinking why M850 Microlab should be considered over other brands in the same price range, here are a few reasons that will give an insight on how this model will provide more value for money over its competitive counterparts. 

    Reason why the Microlab subwoofer is a premium offering

    1. Output power

    M850 speaker system from Microlab has a whooping output power of 40 Watt RMS. If you know a thing or two about speakers, then this much power range is sufficient to get your room wobbling.

    1. Frequency response

    If you don’t know much about frequency response, it’s simply the reaction of the speaker at the tones. This particular model has an ideal toner balance, with a frequency range of 30 Hz – 20 kHz.

    1. Texture

    Now you wouldn’t want to spend your money on something that just gives out good sound, but more or less looks like an outdated model or a simple plain old box lying in your room. This won’t be the case with 2.1 subwoofer M850 Microlab speakers, because they are made of metal diamond texture.

    1. Volume control accessibility

    It can get inconvenient to adjust the volume through the side panel every time you need to increase or decrease the level. There is also a risk in this instance that you drop off the speakers from the table or from the top of the woofer box, so you should look at the convenience of volume change. M850 keeps that in mind and provides a wired remote control that extends beyond volume control functionality by providing support for the headphones as well.

    1. Bass

    The bass is perhaps one of the most important aspects you would be looking at when choosing a subwoofer system. A high bass rated power on a particular speaker doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to give high quality bass sound. M850 speaker Microlab keeps this aspect balanced by offering bass rated power of 30 Watt, 4 Ohm.


    That’s about it for the premium features of this offering. As for the price, you would only have to shell out around $60 to get M850 Microlab in possession, and this is the most reasonable price available over the holiday quarter for this range and quality. Feel free to take advantage, while you can. 

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    For the money it seems to offer lots of features and power. I find the sound of full range speaker systems more natural than 2.1 systems, so my PC drives a pair of stand mounted KEF X300A USB speakers, amps are internal, sound excellent to my ears.
    KEF X300A digital hi-fi speaker system available with free UK delivery from Hifi Gear official KEF dealers.