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Looking for a new interface...suggestions?


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  • Looking for a new interface...suggestions?

    Hi all,
    I am looking to replace the Mackie Onyx 1640 (non "i") as my studio interface. Great board that I will still use live but I want to upgrade for the studio due to some of the lack of options that it has in that area.

    I would like to have a unit that uses firewire or pci to interface with the comp (unless you suggest otherwise) and that can control my software, something that the Mackie cannot do. I would also like to use outboard effects after tracking/during mixing which is another thing the Mackie lacks at doing. If the hardware comes bundled with great software it would be a big plus, but not crucial.

    Money is not really an issue within reason. I am basically looking for something with great preamps that is going to give me great bang for the buck!!

    As you can probably tell, I am quite noobish on this subject so any education you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks everyone!!

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