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8-pin connector for midi/CV/controller-ish type of thing


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  • 8-pin connector for midi/CV/controller-ish type of thing

    I´ve just recently aquired a SOLTRON POLYVOX, an old (early 80s) keyboard with sequenzer and a nice drum machine

    Soltron Polyvox


    Now, this machine is usually connected to a certain keyboard, but the previous owner of MY unit connected it with a regular ACCORDION, but the cable he used has dissappeared in the process so I´m trying to figure out if anyone has any idea how these things were connected. The previous owner is unfortunatly no longer among us, so he cant possibly help me, but both the accordion and the synthesizer are equipped with a 8-pin MALE connector, like this picure shows:




    So, finally, my question is: does anyone have any idea what kind of cable and connector that are in use here? 8-pin FEMALE cable which both sends power to the small controller unit on the accordion, and sends the control signals back to the keyboard?


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