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iRig HD or Apogee JAM ?

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  • iRig HD or Apogee JAM ?

    Hello everybody


    I need your help

    I want to know what you think about iRig HD and Apogee JAM

    Both can be connected through 30 pin/Lighting on the iPhone/iPod/iPad but I don't which one I should take

    Because iRig can't be used with GarageBand whereas Apogee can. Do you have some info about AmpliTube and which one is better between AmpliTube and GarageBand ?


    Many thanks for your replies


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    I did some reseach to answer my question.


    If your prefer GarageBand better than AmpliTube, you should buy Apogee JAM, or if you prefer AmpliTube better than GarageBand you should buy iRig HD. Yeah I know, this is obvious " id="smiley" src="" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />


    But if you don't really which one you prefer (which is my case), you can buy any of them  \o/

    I've heard about an application available on iOS, I don't if it is available on Mac too. This app is called Audibus and allow you to record from an application but to save the content on another one


    For example, you are using iRig HD and AmpliTube, but you find GarageBand much more attractive or easy to use but iRig HD is not compatible whith GarageBand. Thanks to Audiobus, you can record on AmpliTube but the content will be on GarageBand. Audiobus is, thankfully, very easy to use. But this app has the same price as GarageBand. It also works with much more music apps


    click here to see which apps are compatible with Audiobus and to learn more about Audiobus .png" alt=":smileywink:" title="Smiley Wink" />


    I hope this answer will help you. Now I know which one I would prefer: Apogee JAM


    Have a good evening,