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Pretty sure ive been wrong...


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  • Pretty sure ive been wrong...

    So ive had the same gear set up for years now, and ive finally come to the realization that I believe ive made this whole thing so much harder than it needed to be but I need help from somebody that knows what their talking about.  I feel like ive just made a cluster you-know-what for a set up out of ignorance and as ive grown and understood more, im sure now that I can streamline my studio.  Just looking for a little clarification.  So here's what ive got.  (read, take a minute to laugh your head off, and then please help me lol)


    My condensor mic, and guitar are fed into channels of my Alesis Multimix 8 usb (old blue one, not the 2.0)  Also I have a macbook pro running Logic Pro 9 which runs my midi controller.  I have that running from the headphone jack of the mac and into the Line In 5/6 of the Alesis.  The Alesis is run via USB into my PC and finally, into Cubase.  So I have all of my vocals and instruments running into Cubase.  The thing is, I dont use my mixer at all.  I use it only to get as much signal as I can into the PC and into cubase and dont touch it again.  I use the mixer inside Cubase.   I've turned it into an audio interface.  Except an audio interface with no midi so I have to run the midi board through a laptop and THEN to the mixer.  So im pretty sure ive made things harder than they need to be.  What i NEED is help in stream lining all this chaos. lol  I've had one very helpful guy tell me "why the f**k are you running all that into your PC when you have a macbook!?!?!"  Then decided not to elaborate. lol  So obviously I am in dire need of direction here.  Somebody please have pity on me and point me in the right direction. lol  Do I do away with half of this stuff and just get a real audio interface?  Do i cut my PC out completely and try to run everything through the Macbook Pro?  If I get an audio interface, how do I run my condensor mic?  Do they have Phantom Power?  and Do they cost a fortune? lol  Any help would be MUCH appreciated and thank you so much for sticking around through my long winded post.  

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    Nothing really wrong with what you're doing.
    You could streamline things, but if you really like the sounds you're getting from Logic vsti's, keep doing it.

    Personally I'd do everything on the Macbook.
    Audio interface go from $100 and up to whatever your bank account can afford (and yes they will handle your mic)
    Tim O'Brien