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  • Complex Question from a Noob

    Hello, All,

    I've never been to this forum, but I've spent almost ten-years over in the Electric Guitar forum (my user name is new after the 3.0 changeover). Please pardon any ignorance I have of modern digital equipment. I'm kind of a Guitar+Amp kind of guy.

    I'm trying to help a friend who wants to set-up a Podcasting studio, and the complex part is that he wants to each individual mic (4) on its own track of Garage Band (via USB orFirewire, to hisMacBook Pro), so that he can do post-production before uploading the podcast. In addition to these four-tracks of microphone, he'd want to record the stereo output of the mixer, and perhaps a, "Master-Shot" type track, from the stereo mic's of his Zoom H4n (for reference, during post-production) 

    He also wants an old-fashion tactile mixer to control the live sesson of the podcast.

    I was viewing the various Alesis MultiMixUSB/Firewrie products online, but no on seems to have them in-stock (don't know what's up with that), So I've sort of settled on the Mackie Onyx 1220i, Firewire mixer/Firewire multi-channel interface:


    He already has a Behringer MDX 4600, four-channel compressor


    So, my question is, Is there any reason the above Mixer Firewire multi-channel interface and 4-channel Compressor wouldn't work well together, and produce the user's desired result of allowing him to record onto 7 or 8 separate channels of Garage Band, on his MacBook Pro?


    And if anyone has any suggestions about alternate equipment (that fits with the user's desire to have a traditional hardware mixer interface), I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks in advance! (if I've haven't chosen the correct forum for this question, please feel free to correct me)



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    As for the technical answers to your questions, I cant speak to them.  But As far as what you were looking at with the Alesis, i've had the Alesis Multimix 8 for years now and im telling you, stay away from them.  Theyre noisy as hell and Mackie is above and beyond anything Alesis does.  Thats just my personal experience though.