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Need Midi set-up help for Logic Pro 8 User


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  • Need Midi set-up help for Logic Pro 8 User

    Hi savvy people,

    I've been working with:

    Logic connected via USB to a Roland Fantom keyboard.

    But I'd like to use the SOUNDS from the Fantom and an external drum machine.


    1.) How would you physically connect the items listed above?

    2.) And PLEASE include how to set up the Audio Midi config. on the iMAC, Environment, etc., that I need to know.

    Misc. Info you may need...?

    1.) Logic PRO 8

    2.) Roland Fantom7 Keyboard (has midi and USB)

    3.) Boss DR-880 Drum/Bass Machine (has midi & USB)

    4.) M-Audio Midi Sport 2X2 (USB, and Midi 2 in, 2 out)

    5.) Apogee Duet

    6.) iMAC 10.6.8 Leopard

    I have other sound modules but I'd be THRILLED if I could get those three to communicate!

    Thanks a lot for any info