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Resetting Alesis I/O 26


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  • Resetting Alesis I/O 26

    I've got an Alesis I/O 26 that won't play but 1 side on the output 1 & 2. I've tested the drivers for the PC, and they play fine. When I use the Win7 test it sends a signal to both sides, and I see both on the meter in the Windows Configurator, but it only sounds on 1 side, regardless of how I connect the jacks. Also, when I look at the H'ware Direct Monitoring it only shows 1 side getting signal. I've reinstalled the driver, AND even tried to re-install the old firmware. The reason for trying to reinstall the f'ware is cuz I connected my Alesis 8HD keybd in the 1st 2 inputs, but the LED's are lighting up on Ch.s 1 and 8 only.

    Tomorrow when I have access to my nice S/PDIF cable I'm going to try that output on the I/O 26, and INTO the S/PDIF on my PC. I don't have any headphones with me that will fit the jacks I have available.


    Intel Mobo: DP35DP/CPU: Intel Dual Core Quad 6600 2.4G
    Video: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT w/512RAM/Sys RAM: 2Gig
    O/S: WinXP SP2
    Snd Card: Alesis I/O 26/Cntrllr: Alesis Fusion 8HD
    DAW: Sonar 7HS/Been CW user since '88.
    Wav Editor: Audition 1.5