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Firebox or Firewire?


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  • Firebox or Firewire?

    I've got a Presonus Firebox that I run through a PCIx FW card. To date it's always been powered off the FW bus. Lately the Firebox has been crashing, the blue light blinking to red and disconnecting. Nothing that could cause this shows up in the Device Manager or Service Logs. When I physically reconnect it, it'll stay on (blue,) but only for awhile.

    Win7 64, I d-led the latest (and apparently last) driver from Presonus

    Two questions:
    Is there a way to test power output of the firewire card?
    If my Firebox is fried, what 4 input soundcard would anyone recommend?


    A test just occurred to me: I'm gonna run the FB off wall-wart power for a couple of days to see whether the crash is caused by power glitches in the Firewire card.

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    must be some problem with the firewire card
    make some noizzzzze


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      Dont rely on bus power. Any time you have the option to use a power supply for an audio interface, use it.
      Tim O'Brien