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  • Monster Cables - Crap?

    Hello all. I recently had a discussion with a musician buddy of mine who was getting his Tele worked on. He's got some kind of electrical/grounding issue with it. The guy at the shop told him that years of using Monster cables have ruined his input jack on the guitar. Evidently Monster cables are total crap cables - including the fact that the 1/4 inch inputs of the cables are just slightly larger than 1/4 inch. Therefore, over time, you're ruining the input jacks of any instrument/amp/etc. They also don't "shield" noise the way they claim, etc...(In other words, their marketing is much better than their products).

    Now I've used my Monster cables for years. (I think they're "Prolink 500 Rock" cables - could be wrong about that). I have noticed, from time to time, that the input jack is tough to get out of my Strat. But have had no electrical (or otherwise) issues myself.

    I did a little back-to-back test with the Monster cables and just a couple of Ernie Ball cables I had from years ago. IMHO, not only were the Monster cables "quieter" (shielding noise), but simply sounded better.

    I'm not interested in investing in new cables based on conjecture. And I really don't want him to either if he doesn't have to.

    Has anyone heard of this? Any personal bad experiences with Monster cables?

    Thanks for any input you can offer.

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    OK cables, way overpriced, too much of a predeliction for intimidating and frivolous lawyer's letters from management.
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      Try these, they surpass Monster Cables and they cost a whole lot less too http://www.guitarfetish.com/GFS-Guitar-Cables_c_10.html
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        I have monster cables, Lava ELC, and Mogami Platinums. Every Monster cable i've owned has broken and needed to be swapped out, as far as superior tone, they pale in comparison to both the Mogami and the Lava's IMO, but the affect of tone from a cable is subjective and a different topic all together. Also Monster cable tends to have ridiculously over sized connectors in general (their patch cables take up way to much real estate for crowded pedalboards), plus the slightly oversized tips, and they are definitely overpriced IMO as well. For similar prices I recommend Lava, extremely well built, great tone, and the ELC line is great for pedals, their extremely low capacitance helps reduce the need for a buffer if your running all true bypass pedals.
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