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Expresscard adaptor + Zoom Multi fx pdal

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  • Expresscard adaptor + Zoom Multi fx pdal

    Hi I have 2 questions.

    1. I have run out of USB ports but I have an expresscard slot.

    I need the USBs for an Akai controller and an expression pedal.

    Is an expresscard adaptor giving me 2 more USBs going to be more efficient than a powered hub coming out of an existing USB port?

    2. Can I assign the Zoom G1N Guitar Multi FX Pedal (the one with expression pedal) to control the expression pedal in software organ emulations (B4 and VB3)?

    Also any other reccommendations for an assignable expression pedal via USB? Commercial or DIY.

    If you can spare time to answer one or both (or all three) of these questions I'd be very grateful.