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    I do a solo act. My rig consists of a Line 6 Variax through a Line 6 Pod X3 live; a Digitech Vocalist Live; and a Roland GR-33. I run everything into a PA. What I would like to do is find a piece of software that I can set up a patch for that will call up a backing track and send a midi message to each piece of hardware to set the right patch for that song.
    Looks like M-Audia Midisport 4x4 will serve as the midi interface. Does anybody know of a piece of commercial software that could act as a sequenser/controller on my computer. (I do have Abelton Live and might be able to accomplish this by setting each song up as a project.)
    Carvin DC400; Fender Cyber-Twin head, Carvin 2x12, JTV69, DT25, Epiphone Nite Hawk, Tele squire, Wechter acoustic, Carvin AG 1000, Gretch 5120