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Do I need a MIDI interface and if so what kind?


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  • Do I need a MIDI interface and if so what kind?

    I have a Yamaha Motif XS7 (which I think has a simple MIDI interface inbuilt) and a Nord EX stage as my 2 keyboards and a TC Helicon Vocal Live 2 vocal effects processor as my MIDI devices. I have laptop PC.
    I want to link them together for several purposes:
    1. the Vocal Live 2 can receive MIDI input from keyboards to add harmonies to your vocals.
    2. To have MIDI output from the Nord EX go to laptop to use programmes such as synthesia which uses MIDI files you can play along with.
    3. to record my keyboards, vocals or my band to the PC (Motif can do this at a simple level with Cubase A4 including audio inputs)?

    Do I need a MIDI interface and if so with how many ports and how would I set it up or can you direct me to a site that can answer this?

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    You could probably get away with a two port interface.

    Then daisy chain the vocal processor with the keyboard that you want to control it.
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