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Anyone Out There Using An IPad On Stage?


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  • Anyone Out There Using An IPad On Stage?

    I've recently been talking to several fellow musicians about using an iPad on stage to hold lead sheets, lyrics and such for easy reference. While for most bands, having music on stage is frowned upon, there are certain situations where it's not. For example, jazz big bands often have music on stage, sometimes small combos too.

    So I was just wondering if anyone else had looked into this. I've been pricing 1st generation iPads on Craigslist to try and find a deal. There are even third party companies that sell stands that would work nicely on stage as well. And of course, there are Jazz Real Book apps for the iPad if you need to do a jazz set here or there.


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    Here's an example of an app for the iPad that you could use:

    and a stand:

    and checkout this cool blue-tooth wireless foot controller that allows you to page through your song books hands free:

    and, putting it all together, here is Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater:

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      Sounds cool. That Jordan chap seems to endorse an awful lot of products.. oke:
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        BTW, what's the name of the app?


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          Here is an app for some notation apps http://ipadpunk.com/category/music-notation-apps-for-ipad/

          There is also an app that listens to you play and flips pages at the correct time, check the music apps in the app store.
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            I can definitely see one being used to have music on it. I knew a guy that used a small Acer laptop with a USB guitar pedal that switched pages on a pdf document. Pretty cool.

            I know a lot of guys that use iPads and even iPods to fire loops and click tracks.