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What audio interface do I need?

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  • What audio interface do I need?

    I know I want 8 mic pres so I can record drums. I can do either Firewire or USB. My PC has more than enough power to handle anything. 8gb ram, core i7, and SSD drive.

    So really, what's the best, fastest, most full featured interface with 8 pres under $600?

    I'm using cubase.
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      What the prosumer wants is a stable company that keeps their software up to date.

      I have had an excellent run with Echo Firewire on this. Drivers available for just about any setup.

      I use 2 audiofire 12's but am using a mackie board and just need the D/A in's. Look at the Audiofire 8 with the onboard preamps and I think you will do well.

      Bottom line, pick a company that keeps up and is serious, marry the product until everything changes so drastically that an upgrade is a no brainer and rock.
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        You might want to check out the PreSonus FireStudio Project. Great drivers, decent pre's, and overall not a bad deal for around $400 bucks (give or take)
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