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Future proof MIDI Guitar pedals? using it w/o the original driver?


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  • Future proof MIDI Guitar pedals? using it w/o the original driver?

    Is there such a thing as USB footswitch pedals that can be plugged into a computer and have midi working with just win7-64bit Microsoft drivers...or freely available midi drivers? ...That is, generically recognizable such that even years from now operating systems will likely recognize it, even if you don't have the original driver or that driver won't run on the newer operating system. (I know this forum isn't Windows specific, so feel free to add to the discussion with respect to other operating systems if you think others might benefit.)

    Or maybe not...meaning, if you have Native Instruments Rig Kontrol 3 you'll always have to successfully install its NI-developed driver...if you have Rocktron's MIDI Mate MIDI Controller you'll always have to successfully install its Rocktron-developed driver...and so on for any other midi pedal out there?

    You see, I've recently found my ZOOM C5.1t MIDI foot pedal essentially bricked due to my change to a Win764bit OS (unless I dual-boot XP or use Virtual PC software) and that made me interested in getting a replacement that will be plug and play...like my 15-year-old FATAR keyboard that to this day, I can plug in to a USB slot with a $5 midi-to-USB converter and Windows recognizes it and a music software like Reaper will also see it and recongize its midi signals...no driver needed.

    Does being a "universal MIDI controller" have something to do with this? I noticed Rig Kontrol 3 advertises "Rig Kontrol is now also a universal MIDI controller and can be used with any MIDI-compatible software or hardware." Yeah, but only if its NI-developed driver manages to install, which is no guarantee, especially on Windows9 (hypothetically) ten years from now, right? The blurb says "can be used"...what, in rare cases, most cases, certain specific cases? It doesn't say.