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  • Which audio card to pick

    Hey guys,
    i'm setting up a small recording "studio" in my home. It's a cheap thing, just to record my demos and stuff, so i ran into a dilemma . Which card to pick in a class up to 150$.
    Options i saw so far are next:

    M Audio Fast track MKII
    M Audio Audiophile 2496
    Lexicone Alpha
    CME Matrix X
    E-MU 0202

    Any advice is helpful, other suggestions as well .
    Thanx a lot
    ..it's all cave men's fault after all ...

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    Personally, I had no good luck with the M Audio Fast Track. Drivers wouldn't work initially, then the latency was terrible, so I returned it. Yesterday, however, I got an M Audio FireWire Solo interface, and nothing but smiles. I traded a couple pedals for it and has so far proven to be well worth it. If you don't have a PCI port on your computer, you can get a Firewire PCI card from Best Buy for under $40, or have one shipped from Newegg for less than $20.
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