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Eliminating computer generated noise


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  • Eliminating computer generated noise

    I know there are many posts on this topic. Haven't foudn a workable solution yet.

    It took forever for me to narrow this down, but the intermittent annoying staticy buzzing noise I was hearing from my powered PA speaker, dissapeared completely when my computer was disconnected. This was confrimed when I was hearing the noise, did a shutdown on the pc, and noise exaatly followed the action on the computer, and came to a halt when the pc was off.

    With the computer on, noise is present even with no guitar cable connected (ruling out pickups). Its also present on the outputs to a legacy stereo.

    As I do need and use the computer in this set-up, how can resolve this?

    I have read a few interesting posts on tthe topic, but most seem to point to guitar pickups (not applicable here), or repalcement CPU fans (but my PC is brand new - didnt want to go there)

    I can envsiage a few options, but they each have a negative:

    a) some "AC" solution at the PC power plug ... but I cant plug the pc anywhere else.. everything is powered via an APC battery/surge supressor and no other outlets are near. All I can do is put somethging between the computer and the battery.

    b) some "AC" solution at the PA power plug...Again all I can do is put something between the PA plug and the battery.. but I would still hear the noise on mixer headphone or the legacy stereo.

    c) some "signal" solution between the PC sound card and the mixer ( this is the only connection the PC has to amp, ie via the mixer). I've already chagned cables ( 3.5mm to RCA in on the mixer), but it didnt address the issue.

    d) some "signal" solution on all the mixer outputs. This does not seem to realistic.

    e) some "grounding" solution, but I already tried several combinations here. Currently I have the mixer grounded to the groundpost on the battery.

    f) some "proximity" solution, where the computer would be in a dfferent room - but this is not feasbile (my music room is in a basment jut out , concrete foundation behind the walls , with no neighboring rooms).

    g) Live with it ! No magic solution

    Any thoughts?

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