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Any difference in inputs?

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  • Any difference in inputs?

    right now i run my mic inputs thru the firewire sound interface (Saffire pro 24), along with a guitar di and a mixer box for synth boards. I'm thinking of getting a USB mixer (beh. x1204) and run all the devices thru the mixer and into the computer direct USB. Do you think there is any advantage to doing that? The mixer has some fx and compression that i want to apply before the signal goes into the DAW. I can also use the mixer for live stuff. After I thought about it, I thought maybe sending the inputs to the USB mixer would be slower or add more latency than sending them thru the sound card. Any thoughts?
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    usb isnt 'slower'; it just carries less channels than firewire.
    (usb1=2channels, usb2=16channels, fw400=100+channels, fw800=200+channels, etc)
    The speed of electricity stays the same....

    Latency is the interaction of the drivers with the interface hardware (basically how good the engineers who built it were). usb and firewire are just data pipes and do not affect latency. You can get single-digit latency in either type of box if they build them right.
    Tim O'Brien