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  • please help me out

    guys i am frantic and cant get help anywhere......

    after a pc meltdown a year or two ago my soundblaster audigy 2 zs plat pro has ceased to work was GREAT for music dvds and you tube and stuff

    i thought it was my sound card that was knackered so i bought the same system again on ebay to discover that dont work i guess the drivers downloaded at audigy are ****************.this has been a costly lesson

    i have all these speakers and sub woofer and sound card and interfacebox that are now useless......

    i have some software progs that i use GUITAR PRO 6 and band in a box but as yet i dont make any recordings at home........

    the sound card and speakers required for DAWs are quite different from the Soundcards required for zeppelin dvds.right?

    what can i replace my audigy 2 zs with and will the old set of speakers work with it?

    or should i go for a musicians set up audio interface thing? how would that work with my music progs like BIAB and zep dvds,i couldntuse my sub woofer and surround speakers for that.could i?

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    If you want to record, do yourself a favor and stay away from Creative gamer cards.

    Here's a good guide and user-tested suggestions that work:

    (you'll want to bookmark and read through all of Tweak's Guide while you're there...)
    Tim O'Brien