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Digital recording interface solution?


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  • Digital recording interface solution?

    I used to do some lousy amateurish recordings and I'm looking to do it again!

    My current setup is a cheap Behringer analog mixer with the main outs running through a cable and one adapter into the 1/8" Line In on my computer's (stock) soundcard. This used to work fine, but recently when I tried using a Shure SM 58 to talk to someone on Skype - no dice. I would get nothing until I almost peaked my volumes on the mixer, at which point I would get seriously distorted bits, like clipping. I have other lines out to my receiver, so I tried that and verified that everything from the microphone through to those lines out are OK - crystal clear sound. I tried switching from Line In to Mic on my computer, no change.

    I assume that my soundcard is partially blasted, and either way it's probably far from capable of recording well. I've been putting it off, but I'm going to start looking for a reasonable audio interface to get me started.

    What are some brands / models / features / etc. that I should look for in an affordable interface? Ideally, I would like to spend no more than $100-$150 TOPS. I don't see myself needing more than a few channels at once - maybe if I use a few mics on an amp or a direct and a mic. I would be absolutely willing to buy used if the price is right, so please keep in mind stuff that I could find in my budget used as well.

    ...I play mostly guitar, a little bass, and I could potentially play a little keys or sing a bit. That's what this would be used for - probably amateurish home studio recordings.

    Looking for anyone in the RI area to jam, practice, etc.
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      Here's a good guide and user-tested suggestions that work: http://www.tweakheadz.com/soundcards_for_the_home_studio.htm
      (you'll want to bookmark and read through all of Tweak's Guide while you're there...)
      Tim O'Brien