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recommendations for audio and Midi I/O?


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  • recommendations for audio and Midi I/O?

    Hey All, I'm finally replacing my aging powerbook with a current model iMAc (i7) and will be replacing the older audio and midi i/o I was previously using. I don't need high-end stuff, with a bazillion inputs and routing capabilities. it's for a home studio. The requirements will be:

    4-8 midi devices
    live recording probably only needs 2-4 channels simultaneous input/recording

    I'll be using DP on the iMac, and the iMAc will be coming with Thunderbolt. I've used the MOTU gear in the past and like it's reliability. Is it worth waiting for thunderbolt devices to come around? Can anyone recommend any I/Os for midi and audio that will suit my needs?


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    Dont hold your breath on Thunderbolt; it could be another year or two before any interfaces come out. Usb and Firewire are more than capable.... usb up to 16channels, firewire400 over 100 and firewie800 over 200 so there's no rush for anything faster. Thunderbolt will be more advantageous for hanging multiple drives on a chain.

    Good guide with known good interfaces HERE.
    You wont go wrong with any of them.

    With that many midi devices you'll probably be looking at a separate usb midi interface - wont hurt anything/ midi doesn't care.

    (I use a Motu828mkII and a couple of usb midi interface any have had zero problems)
    Tim O'Brien


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      Thunderbolt is not going to be an audio interface as some people might think - it will certainly be a video capture interface as it can stream uncompressed HD video without any problem.

      If you need that many midi devices, go with a seperate midi interface and then a really good AD/DA or audio interface.


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        Thanks for the insight guys. I think it will be between a Motu Audio Express and Focusrite Sapphire PRO 24. Any opinions on these two I/Os?


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          The Audio Express is dead new and hasnt even gotten reviewed yet, so
          no way to know but my 828mkII is a tank so I'm more likely to buy another Motu.

          The Focusrites are great and highly reviewed.

          You cant really go wrong with either.
          Tim O'Brien