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    hey guys hope I dont get flammed for this been a while since Ive been on here- but anyways I did a search and seems like Im on the only knuckle head having this issue- first off Im running a Mac OS X 10.6 pro tools LE with the M audio mobile pre - I recently got ahold of superior drummer drums from hell and all that jazz- which is really really cool- but when I create a new track and try and import or drag and drop the SD sounds into my pro tools- it either (1) gives me no sound or (2) forces me to choose an instrument from the pro tools track drop down menu which is wack like piano rock drums bass ect ect -
    so therefore I am having to re route my line out into my line in and try and record the drum samples or grooves I have which again sounds like crap- I am sure I am missing a step here- either in configeration or what not-
    yes I did contact toontrack and asked and I got the WTF? response-
    I am assuming pro tools LE might not be compatable with this or I would need to shell out the extra cash for the upgraded version- but Im not sold and a lil skeptical as of yet- does anyone else run pro tools le and SD2 ? yes I have current driver updates and everything else - Im assuming its a configuration issue or just jack a*$ery on my part thanks!
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