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Using one midi controller to trigger 2 computers - help !

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  • Using one midi controller to trigger 2 computers - help !

    Sounds probably stupidly unnecessary & luddite, but I need to use an Akai LPD8 to make 1 command to 2 separate laptops... one to start a track in Live on computer a, and one to play a video on computer b. Is there a midi y-splitter type cable for this, or another simple solution? I'd prefer to make this command from one midi controller, in one go....


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    You just need a midi interface with a THRU port.

    A midi thru port take data from a port and, well, just passes it staight thru to another device
    with no delay or processing... giving you a Xerox copy passing along the chain.

    The Cakewalk/Roland UM-3G and others offer it.
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