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  • e-mu hardware, audio interfaces specifically

    I have a like, birthday coming up, and was trying to decide on an audio I/O without getting into the big boys (high prices I mean, 600+).

    Top of the list are EMU 1212m (pcie, 2 cards) and 1616m (breakout box and card), kinda the same thing but more inputs/hardware interface. Targeting cards not usb since I heard they have better latency. I assumed that PCI is "worse" than PCIE for audio cards but maybe someone can answer that for sure?
    I'm also not totally sold on which multitrack software to go with, still using an old version of sonar. At least VSTs work with it. Mostly.

    Anyone using the 1616m successfully and what kind of setup? How many audio (analog) inputs does it actually allow at once? Any other thoughts?