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Programming MIDI on Randall V2 with Behringer FCB- LOST!!

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  • Programming MIDI on Randall V2 with Behringer FCB- LOST!!

    I can't get any handle on this MIDI stuff at all. I plug in the Behringer FCB1010 into which bit of the V2? And how do I then programme it to do things? I really need some help, I am reading the manuals but it is confusing and I have been working a lot recently so if someone can talk me through this carefully I'd really appreciate it.
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    Right, got it, I'm gonna reply to myself so anyone else searching on the net can do this. MIDI out from the pedal to IN on the amp. click on button 1, with the channel you want selected. Hold the store button until the lights flash twice. Done. Change channel, hit button 2, hold store. Done. Etc. I now have a massively oversized footswitch (cheaper than the Randall mind!)
    http://deathapedisco.bandcamp.com/ --- Album streaming here