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Mackie Control Universal with Cubase SX3


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  • Mackie Control Universal with Cubase SX3

    I picked up a Mackie Control Universal (not the pro model) and thought, "Ok, so no MIDI mapping, big deal. For half the price of the Plug-N-Play pro, I'll figure it out." So far no luck. I've been through A LOT of trial and error and searching for info and I can't seem to find any solid advice or step-by-step instructions as to how to set up an MCU for use in Cubase SX3 (and Reason). If anyone uses the MCU with Cubase SX3 and could point me in the right direction, or direct me to some useful documentation, it would be most appreciated. This thing's been sitting here lifeless on my desk for months while I mix with a mouse and keyboard! HELP! =D

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    39 views! No responses! Find another forum I guess...