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  • click track/mbox mini

    i am planning to buy an mbox mini. i need it to connect with a macbook and send in thru one output the main sequenced parts and thru another the click track for the drummer.

    will i be able to do this uising it's outs for the sequenced parts (mainly reason or live) and the click thru the headphone out?

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    If you are planning yo use Reason / Live, WHY to buy an MBox??? There are much better options other than that small thing.

    And NO, the headphones out is a replication of the main outputs, so you can NOT send a different signal through the main outs and other through the headphones. The most you can do is to send the main mix in MONO via the LEFT channel and the click to the drummer via the RIGHT channel.


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      i am planning to start using pro tools, that's why i am considering m-box. any other suggestion of an interface that could handle my different output needs? what about m-audio 410?


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        Well, you did not mention pro Tools at all, only Reason and Live.

        If you have the cash, get an MBox 2 PRO; more channels and FireWire connection. The 410 might be cheaper but you should buy the M-Powered Pro Tools separately.... the Mbox 2 Pro could be bought for less.


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          thanks gus, but if i don't go for pro tools, any advice? lexicon? edirol? it seems everybody has always a complain about m-audio...


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            ... then ask them to e-mail me

            Gus Lozada
            Tech Support Manager
            M-Audio International


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              ... and you being in Brazil, should call the guys of QUANTA MUSIC in Campinas. They may be able to help you. Pessoas muito legales.


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                he he. funny coincidence. anyway it is hard to buy this stuff in Brazil because options are limited and the price is high. usually i buy it when i travel to the US.
                M-Audio is really in all the stores here, and i am considering the 410, although i am impressed by focusrite's specs. um abraço.