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Pro Tools LE & Waves Diamond Bundle Native question...

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  • Pro Tools LE & Waves Diamond Bundle Native question...

    Hey guys, I posted on the Mac section, but I'm seeking some advice...

    I just bought a legit copy of Waves Diamond Bundle from a business that went under, and I can't keep it loaded on my Mac. I'm running Pro Tools LE v.6.9.2, and my Mac is a G5 dual 2.7GHz processors, and I have a Glyph GT50 esternal hard drive.

    Am I doing something wrong in re-setting the i-Lock? I'm getting frustrated at having to reload the software each time. Any suggestions or input on the subject? I'm basically a Mac newbie, so be gentle.

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    Do you have an iLok account on their website?

    Maybe you can reset the iLok registrations if that the issue.

    What seems to be happening?


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      When I bought the software, I had to get a new i-Lock, and there was an i-Lock reset that came loaded with the install CD. The guy I bought it from said to reset the i-Lok, load the software, and basically it should work fine. It's loaded a couple of times, but it won't stay loaded.


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        I would create an account on first, and then see if you can get some support from them.