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  • flute to midi

    I am looking for a device that would let me use my flute as a midi input.
    I know the Roland VP-70 voice professor could do this - and the IVL Pitchfider - but both are no longer made or supported. The Zeta Synthony seems to need a violin as input and the Axon seems to need a guitar input. Anythng that uses a microphone or flute pick up as the midi input?

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    There is PC software that will do this if you have a sound card. XGworks is one. You record the input as a wave file, select Voice to Score and it will convert the wave file to MIDI. You can then use the sequencer to straighten up the notes if required.

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      Thanks for the reply, but I am looking for something that will convert pitch to midi in real time, so I can use my flute as a midi controller rather than a keyboard.



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        What about one of those wind controllers? I think yamaha makes them.
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          I've tried the Yamaha wind controllers and they just don't feel comfortable.
          Does anybody know anything about the Roland VP-70 Voice Processor? It is suppose to convert pitch to midi (made in the mid 1980s).



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            Believe it or not i made a pitch to midi converter for my final year project at Uni back in '96 and i can tell you that's it's bloody hard to get it to work fast enough. The flute is the perfect instrument for conversion to midi because of its pure sound but the problem is to do with how many sound wave cycles the device needs before it can determine the pitch. If you say three cycles then thats fine for high notes but once you get into the bottom register the delay starts to appear in seconds due to the long wavelength of the lower frequencies. There are other issues as well - you have to play staccato for the converter to register a new note. I used to use this to my advantage buy triggering a drone synth string with the first note and then play legato flute over the top

            Most software conversion does it after the event, or tries to do it in real time but requires loads of editing afterwards.

            All in all i'd say that it's more trouble than it's worth and would be less hassle to learn how to play the keyboard


            The best software one is probably Digital Ear:

            Here's what i found with a bit of searching:

            Here's a hardware one i found that looks really old:

            A mac plugin:

            I hope that's helpful and good luck



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              There have been several pitch to midi devices over the years but no hardware ones exclusive and still on the market that I know of. Roland made the CP40 (, Fairlight had the VoiceTracker (, Roland GI10 guitar to midi with microphone input (, Breakaway Vocalizer (no data), and more. The links are informational only and are not items available for sale. Hope this helps!

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                I have a Fairlight Voicetracker for sale. Mint cond. Anyone want to make an offer?
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                  Hi Steve,

                  I was wondering if you ever figured out a midi conversion with the flute.  I want to do the same thing and am just venturing out to try and find a way.  I would think it's already been done!  I was surprised to read all the responses.  I'm now hoping that technology has caught up and there's an easy fix


                  Would love to hear what you came up with