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  • Alto saxophone to French Horn

    Hello I'm an alto sax player and I've been playing for 5 years. I'm going to be starting to learn the French horn, and probably have private lessons as well. I was just wondering how hard this will be for me. I have taken a test run and have managed to make a sound out of it, thats a start When I start lessons and whatnot I am planning on practicing everyday, if anyone can give me tips that would be fantastic. Thank you

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    There will be many negative transfers from the sax to the french horn.  I'm glad to know that you have got a sound out of it already. That's great news!  One thing i want to warn you about is your jaw placement.  Be careful not to do anything crazy with your jaw when you start playing more french horn because if you do and you go back to saxophone you can actually hurt yourself pretty bad.  It is going to be a tough switch because obviously you will have to go from making a reed vibrate to making your lips vibrate.  The articulation is going to be completely different as well. Don't be afraid of using a larger amount of tongue on the french horn because on woodwinds they train us to tongue with mostly the tip.  However, when you play any brass you want to imagine using about 500 taste buds worth of space on your tongue.  That's all I can remember for french horn at the moment. Hope I help out some.