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Synthophone - Anyone else got one???


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  • Synthophone - Anyone else got one???

    I just aquired one - and am looking for anyone else that may have one...

    They are CRAZY COOL and I'm looking for tips, tricks & techniques.. 

    Just for those who have never heard of one -->

    They are a midi sax built on a Yamaha YAS-275 frame. You also need a tone generator (or synth) to make them perform as they make no acoustic sound without it.

    Manufactured in Bern Switzerland by Softwind Instruments - they are as hard to find as finding a chicken with lips that can break dance!! (lmao) But they are as fun as can be... I was playing elcetric guitar lead (Metallica) on it last night, laughing so hard - I could barely keep playing... Never had so much fun!! 

    They can also play chords (up to 5 notes), harmonys, and can control 2 generators simultaneously!! 

    So cool!!



    sax.jpgsax1.jpg sax8.jpg

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    Wish I could force it to make Lattés!
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    We've got a Wind-synth player in the band, but it looks more like a plastic soprano sax than anything else.


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      I've seen one that looks a lot like an oboe, but no idea what it's called. Think this might've been it.


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