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  • violin / fiddle basics?



    How do you hold a violin? I use the chin rest but that angles the board diagonally for me. I bought a support rack but the violin finger board keeps angling aslant, like an aeroplane banking to the right. Maybe this is correct but it feels weird?


    Advice appreciated



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    Try working on your posture, sit or stand up straight, shoulders up, like your mamma told you.

    My guess is you're slumping forward causing the fiddle to slide down and to the right.

    But if its just the tilt of the fingerboard, I think thats normal and correct. Watch some classical players on YouTube and see how they hold it.



    • sunburstbasser
      sunburstbasser commented
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      I'm still just getting this down.  Having someone there to show you helps a lot.


      Having the shoulder rest helps a lot, and for me is necessary.  To get the basic setting, hold the violin above your head with both arms, then bring it to rest on your shoulder in the proper spot.  Now look to your left.  When done right, your chin should slide into the chin rest and you will be able to hold the instrument with just your chin.  When you get the angle right, your left hand should be comfortably able to finger the strings.

    • VTEC_Dreams
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      Lessons, my friend. Lessons.

      Violin is one of those things that you can't just "figure out" on your own.

      I teach folks how to play the violin. It's a difficult instrument for anyone who plays it, and you're going to need a professional to show you what to do to get started, and it's probably a good idea to stick around after that.

      I hate to be a wet blanket, but I've been fighting with it for 24 years, I have a degree in music (concentration: you guessed it; violin) and *I* could use some more more private lessons. It's just the nature of the beast.

    • Joseph Kimbrell
      Joseph Kimbrell commented
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      I remember learning how to play violin, and the lessons, like VTEC said, are VERY important, especially in the beginning.  I feel that way if I were to try to start learning piano.  I feel that there is so much technique that I would at least need lessons for a year to get the feel of what I should do.

      But then again, if you can keep going with lessons, that's probably the best idea rather than stopping after a while!