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What Harmonica goes with Capo IV on guitar?


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  • What Harmonica goes with Capo IV on guitar?

    Ive got two Harmonicas. One is a cheap one in the key of C. I started learning on that, then got a Hoehner Marine Band as a gift. I absolutely love it, but it's in C#/Db, which isn't a key i play in a lot.

    I play a lot of stuff on capo IV, using the same chords positions as open tuning. What key of harmonica works with that?

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    Your question can't be answered, other than by "it depends."  Your capo position doesn't tell us what key you are playing in, and what chords (and therefore scale) you are using.  You need to know the key of the song, and the scale that is appropriate for the chords of the song.  If you check out the Lee Oskar web site there are some charts showing the note patterns on the various types and keys of harmonicas.   


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      E if you use chords from C,

      B if in G,

      F# if in D,

      Ab, if in E

      C# if in A