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  • Need to find sax man

    I recall reading about unusual approaches to finding horn players. Craigslist isn't cutting it much. The rest of the band wants to add a permanent sax player. (bringing the band to 7 members. Adding another player in a band this big doesn't stomp much on pay.) Suggestions? (And any Denver area sax players are encouraged to contact me for audition.)

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    Sax players are going to need to buy reeds at some point. Hit up a few of the local places that sell sax reeds and hang a poster or two.

    Depending on what kind of music you play, you might be able to find a young player at one of the local colleges who would make a fine addition as well. So hit up the schools with decent music programs.

    I recall that Denver has a few jazz clubs as well, where you are likely to find a few sax players.
    Play more bass.


    • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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      Saxophonists one finds usually in better bars which serve excellent wine. 

      Often those connaisseurs own a wineyard.