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    I'm a guitarist looking to purchase a harmonica set. I have a cheap C harmonica that I play around with, but I'm looking to expand into more keys and maybe a little better quality. There are Hohner 7 piece sets that run ~ $35. Are those even worth it? Is it better to build a collection one at a time? This is mostly for fun and an occasional performance, but of course I want an instrument that I wont be frustrated with quality wise.


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    About the "least expensive, yet good quality" harmonica is the Hohner "Big River Harp", which can be bought in 3-packs (G, C, and A) for around $70 or singly for around $20-25. DEFINITELY better than the cheaper Hohner models, like the Piedmont Blues or Blues Band sets, and will last much longer. I carry 5 BRHs to my gigs, in A, C, D, E, and G, and these keys, and knowing the positions* they work in, covers a lot of songs in my vocal range.


    *A "C" harmonica works for the keys of "C" (first position for straight folk, country and some jazz/pop tunes), "G" (2nd or "Crossed" position for blues, rock, etc.), "D" (third position for jazz and blues), Am (4th position for folky/country in a minor key), Em (5th position for some other minor key songs)...as you can infer, 5 harmonica keys covers a lot of ground, once you get the hang of it. Just figure out what keys you mostly sing in and choose from there.

    Hope this helps a little.
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