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Flute players Unite!!


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  • Flute players Unite!!

    Hey all you fluters out there!! Let's talk flute!! All flute all the time!!

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    Ah, flute. I struggled with that one last year. Really a steep learning curve at first.

    I played a concert several years ago with Ysmael Reyes as a guest soloist playing a 20th century flute concerto whose composer escapes me. What an amazing player!
    Play more bass.


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      I'll go along with the steep learning curve. Just picked up the instrument and working with it daily. And it's not the fingering, that's coming along fine. (Though I haven't memorized the upper octave yet.) Getting the sound and getting a good sound and not slipping up or down. It's coming along. I've gained a lot of respect for all flutists.


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        Well, flute is my best and first. What did you want to talk about?

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          Just starting getting back into flute after about 10 years of not practicing.  I played flute all through middle and high school and then put it on the backburner.  I can still play all the major scales thanks to muscle memory!

          I just picked up a beautiful Jupiter DiMedici flute to kick-start things.  Its much easier to play the low notes than my old Gemeinhardt marching band flute, lol.

          And I just bought the Jethro Tull flute solos book.  Excited!



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