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To Brass and Woodwind Players Interested In Networking


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  • To Brass and Woodwind Players Interested In Networking

    Hey everyone,

    First just let me start by saying that I'm no longer a brass or woodwind player myself (clarinet was my first instrument for 6 years) - I'm actually a drummer and percussionist. My official artist website was originally geared towards drummers only but after recently collaborating with a few musicians online, I decided to dedicate an entire section in my forums to world wide networking for ALL musicians. I JUST started it, but it's categorized by instrument, country, and region so that you can find potential collaborators from across the globe, not just your own backyard. I was hoping both some woodwind and brass players would be interested in promoting themselves in the forum so that we can start to develop a place that makes it easy for all of us musicians to find both collaborators and work - no matter where we live!

    Anyway, I hope some of you are down for the opportunity and maybe even open to a collaboration or two with this drummer. The site link can be found in my signature. Thanks for your time!


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