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  • Kanstul 1500A review

    A couple months ago, I purchased a used Kanstul 1500A. If you aren't familiar with the lineup, the 1500A is a heavy trumpet with sheet bracing. I've had this horn for about two months now and have had the time to play it a bit.

    Mine is a lacquer trumpet and looks very nice. The slides all work well and the valves are very fast. I'm sometimes a little wary about used trumpets mechanically but this one was well taken care of.

    I purchased this horn because it was a good price and I wanted something a little closer to the jazz trumpeters I've been listening to, sound wise. And it's honestly a bit of a disappointment. With a big mouthpiece, it sounds practically identical to my 1600 and doesn't respond quite as quickly. Only when I get up to about a high C does it sound a little bit thicker. With a shallow mouthpiece, I can get a little bit of that smoky sound out of it. Having played most of Kanstul's other horns, the vanilla 1500 is closer to what I want.

    This isn't a horn I'll be keeping. I wanted to try a heavy horn, and now I have. When something else comes along I'd rather have, this one will go.
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    http://www.monette.net/newsite/descriptionPRANAFLUMPET.htm Monette Prana Flumpet I'm waiting for Monette to come out with an Eb tuba though I'm sure I'd have to get sell everything I own and get a crane to lift/hold it for me.
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      I got to play a Chicago Monette not long ago. This was my first experience with a Monette horn. I liked it a lot.

      I've also played a Taylor, and I actually liked it more than the Monette.

      As a teacher, you should get a couple well-built students to use as a tuba stand for your 120 lb. Monette tuba.
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