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good Flute tab site?

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  • good Flute tab site?

    Anyone know of a good tab site for flutes?

    Looking for stairway to heaven specifically, if anyone has it.
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    I've never seen a flute tab site. You might try keyboard sites, since Stairway was played on keys.
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      There are no flute tabs. Flute is done by sheet music or by ear.

      Stairway in particular is three overdubs of recorders on the studio cut. Each plays its own line, and best to learn that by ear. Live JPJ would play it on whatever Mellotron he had handy. He used the MkII flute tapeset for that, which was a very standard tapeset.

      Haven't bothered to learn it all the way through. I do remember that the main idea of it is chromatic and descending. It lands on E at the end of each phrase.

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