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  • Comments on WX5 from users

    A friend of mine is considering getting one of these, and was curious if anyone here has one or has used one. I'd be interested in your comments on it.

    While my friend understands there will be differences between this unit and the sax he's played, just some feedback would be nice. Thanks.

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    Kind of a broad question.

    Yes they are two different animals.

    And you've only talked about 1/2 the equation. The WX5 is only a CONTROLLER and you have to have some synth that will actually make the sound.

    That said, I've really enjoyed my WX-5/vl70-m combo, although I wish I'd gotten the new vl70-m with the sound chip from Patchman.com (MUCH better sounds..) I have enjoyed playing the WX-5 with vsti's like Garritan Jazz&Big Band, Kontakt, etc.

    Since its the holiday season now, here's some older Christmas tunes I did when I first got mine years ago:
    O Come All Ye
    Angels Medley
    Tim O'Brien