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    Any Jon Faddis fans in here? I've been listening to him all day and its been fantastic.

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    I love Faddis. He is a superb player and makes some really great music on top of it. Obviously, he is excellent at high notes and extremely technical passages, but he can also play a melodic line with the best out there.

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      I saw Jon Faddis, as a sideman, on October 21, 1978. How do I remember that date? He was playing alongside Dizzy Gillespie and it was Dizzy's 61st birthday. They brought a cake on stage for him. When I went backstage and waited to meet him, his wife brought me a piece.


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        I saw Jon Faddis the first time at TMEA, Texas All State. He was at the Schilke booth with a name tag that said Dave O'Neill. He denied that he was Jon Faddis. A couple hours later, I heard the first licks from "Into the Faddisspere", and by the time I got there, he was surrounded by trumpet players. Needless to say, the secret was out. I do love to listen to his playing.
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          Thanks for the reminder - it's been years since I listened to any Faddis..I'll have to dig the CD's out.
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