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Saw the Dallas Brass tonight


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  • Saw the Dallas Brass tonight

    What a wonderful show. They played at a local high school. Their focus was on playing music from throughout American history. Lots of folk music and stuff from the 1800s, but a lot of more recent stuff including Benny Goodman and Herb Alpert as well.

    They did clinics with the high school and middle school earlier in the day and brought each band up to play a song. The kids were definitely doing the best they could and actually ended up sounding a lot better than school bands around here usually do.

    The Dallas Brass made a show out of the evening, with lots of playing and a bit of humor between tunes.

    Not that I expected any less, they were excellent.
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    Sounds great. They are going to be here in ND in February and I can't wait. I'm hoping to be able to take my HS & JH band students to the concert and any clinics they might have while they're here.
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      I bet they'd be happy to have your kids at their clinics. Its a treat; the tubist was excellent all night!
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