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Mixing electric guitars with symphonies.

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  • Mixing electric guitars with symphonies.


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    The traditional symphony will not be going to electric guitars anytime soon. However, throughout the 20th century, composers started adding in electric instruments, including theremin, to classical settings. I don't know of any symphonies for orchestra written that include electric guitar parts, but I have seen some wind symphonies play pieces that have a written electric bass part.

    I would imagine the Pops orchestras would adopt electric guitars long before more traditional orchestras.

    Drumsets are unlikely to be featured in orchestral settings. Generally, the percussionists are playing what amounts to effects and adding sounds, meaning a drumset would get used for the snare drum, maybe the bass drum, and crash cymbal. To my ears, though, drumsets don't have the acoustic properties that the individual pieces used in an orchestra have and don't sound as good in that setting.
    Play more bass.


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      It sounds, at first glance, possible.


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        Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Exogenesis.