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    i havent been playing [alto] saxophone that long. i really dont know much about any of the brands of saxes, ligs, or reeds and im looking around for a good mouthpiece. something that has a bright, centered, articulate, jazzy tone.

    i hear Meyer mouthpieces are top of the line for jazz but im having trouble finding any real info on them. i dont know what model to buy, what material (metal or hard rubber), or what version of the model to buy. theres numbers from 5M to 10M but i have no idea what that means.

    are there any established saxophone players out there that can help me?
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    We have a few sax players here, but as you can tell this isn't a really active forum.

    Do you know any sax teachers? Most of them are at least somewhat knowledgeable about equipment and can help point you to a good piece.
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      well SBB, you're right this isn't really a very active forum. The fact that we've made it beyond the 5,000 posting is decent, wouldn't you say?

      Now then on to the original line of questions...Mr. Trashocaster, impressive music speak (bright, centered, articulate jazzy tone) and basically I will open my response to you with a few questions of my own; do you have an alto sax and, if you do, what make and model is it? Meyer mouthpieces are very high on the list for alto but there are other options and makes that can be more forgiving for a beginner. 5m would be the way to go on alto, and a 6 or 7 would be options a more advanced player may choose.
      Find a woodwind/brass shop that would let you try out mouthpieces. Look at Selmer and Lakey mouthpieces with different chamber designs and medium tip openings. Any good sales rep will walk you through the rest (reeds, ligs, etc.) Hard rubber would be the way to go, too.


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        RE: inactive forum

        You'll get a lot more help and info over at http://forum.saxontheweb.net/
        Tim O'Brien