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    Anyone have any experience with these? They're the same company out of Utah that make the saxes.

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    They play and sound like Bachs. Consistently good. I've met a few of the employees and they are all good people. Kelly Ricks is the playtester and engraver and has the most gorgeous tone I've ever heard.

    On topic...

    Seriously, they play like good Bach Strad trumpets. If you like Bach, you'll probably like Cannonball. If you don't like Strads then the Cannonball isn't going to change that.
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      That's good to hear! I love Bachs and have hand picked mine. A stock 1968 Strad 37 lacquer, and a 1990 silver Bach 43/43*LRLT with a reversed 3rd slide and weighted 3rd valve. I gotta try out that MAD MEG!! in raw brass.


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        I don't think a Cannonball will compare to a '68. I've played Strads from that era and they are a different beast. They should compare favorably to a stock Strad. From my experience, a Cannonball will almost ALWAYS be better than anything made in the last 2-3 years before the Bach strike, and they are better than about 2/3s of the current production Bachs.

        One neat thing about Cannonballs is the stone. It has the same effect as a heavy valve cap on the third valve! If you like what the heavy caps do you shouldn't need to add one to a Cannonball.

        BTW, if you are really searching for a super-Strad, play a Sonare. I'm personally NOT a fan of most Strads, but the Sonare trumpets are so nice they make me want one.
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          Cannonball, are you crazy?! Please tell me you're sandbagging. And no mention of drill?! SHAME!!