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Synthetic reeds.?


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  • Synthetic reeds.?

    Are they worth the extra money.?

    I like the idea that they can last months at a time, how does sound quality compare.?

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    ANY reed brand you get is subjective; the only thing you can do is try one and see if you like them.

    I hated the early Rico Plasticovers but now I really like them.
    I've only tried one of the Bari reeds and didn't care for it.
    I really like the Fibracells; they do seem to last forever.

    I also seem to prefer them about a 1/2 softer; I'm now down to a 2.5 on my tenor.

    But some people are pickier than others; it all boils down to what YOU like.
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      I have recomended them to my beginning band students as most of the kiddos go through a couple of regular reeds a week so the cost offsets itself. I use them for myself (Bari or Fibracell) but primarily so that I can set up a clarinet or a sax to keep at the front of my band room so I can just pick up and play with my students. Beyond that I think it is up to the individual. Try it and see what you think; if you're happy with the sound use it, if you're not then you are only out a few extra bucks.
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