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Valve lube on a sax


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  • Valve lube on a sax

    My sax man doesn't lube his valve points. One is sticking and obviously needs some care. Anyone got points on what to use and any special advice for this task? (I'm a trumpet player and the valve lube job is quite different.)

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    When I was cleaning woodwinds in college, one of the things I would look for in a sticky key was whether the hinge and spring were clean. Take out the little pin holding the key on and run a pipe cleaner through it. We would put just a little dot of oil on the end, and it was thicker than trumpet valve oil. Then make sure the key isn't getting stuck against one next to it.
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      We were thinking about something along that line. He has an old container of lube, but I'm thinking it's too old and we ought to spend the few bucks for a new tube. (He's been gigging in clubs longer than I've been alive. Amazing player.)


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        Ended up disassembling the keys in question. Had to pull off another three to get at it. There was some corrosion in the sticky key's tube and the shaft it mounted to. Cleaned up completely, lubed and reassembled. Ron's happy and now that instrument can keep up with him.

        Thanks for the tips.


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            I use liquid teflon lube for my keys. I get it at Radio Shack and it seems to work better than key oil. YMMV.

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