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Recommendations for cases ???

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  • Recommendations for cases ???

    Most of my horns have original, or "period" cases. (I try to maintain authenticity, for future "collector value" resales).

    They're kinda crappy, though, for regular use (playing out, gigs, practice, jams).

    I have a couple of the original-issue Reunion Blues leather bags (look for them to be made in San Francisco, not China. They are becoming collector's items, themselves). Also, a "cheapie" cordura gig-bag, that does a pretty good job.

    I'm wondering about the high $$ cases, like Marcus Bonna, Altieri, Wiseman, etc. Anybody care to offer their opinions, or experiences with some high $$ case(s)?
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    Most durable case you can buy. I've seen them at NAMM. They usually share a booth with Calicchio trumpets. For a demo, they take two of those trumpets, about $2600 each, and put them in the case and close it. Then they throw it on the ground right in front of you. They are made to be as durable as possible. They come in a ton of styles and the interior can be modified for holding different combinations of instruments, like a Bb/C/piccolo trumpet or a Bb/flugel/mute pocket setup.

    For a more normal case, my ProTec has been excellent to me. It isn't as durable as a Diversified, but if you don't intend to stop bullets and use it as flotation it should be OK. Again, lots of types so you can get the size you need.
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      You know, I think I have seen one of those cases.

      I was asked to join in a jazz-jam some time ago. A guy had a Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax in one of those.

      Guess (?) $200 is about right. I've got a couple $2000 horns I tote around. They deserve the best protection.
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        The Diversifieds are good. Contact them; the owner was really friendly and a lot of fun to talk to.
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          As far as gigbags I have all two of my horns (Eb tuba & bass trombone) in Alteri bags and have been very happy with them with many years of use. My euphonium has a leather cronkhite bag that is fantastic and I also have an alteri for it as well that I've had for 15 or more years that's still in great shape its just that the Cronkhite was made specifically for this horn where the alteri was made for a different model.
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            The only case I'll but any of my instruments in is an ATA approved flight case. I generally use SKB or Gator. My saxes are all in SKB cases.

            One fall or a shift of cargo on the way to the gig, and the flight case pays for itself many times over. Leave the collector's case at home, forget about gig bags (may as well put your sax in a duffel bag) and protect it with a flight case.

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              I love my Marcus Bonna triple. You really can't go wrong with one of those. Comfortably holds Bb, C, and Eb, but it's made for 3 Bb sized horns or Bb/flugel. Very comfortable straps. Fits in an overhead airline compartment (except for small regional jets like Bombardier or Embraer). The only knock: the outside pocket doesn't have much room, just sheet music or thin books only. Unfortunately, I'm losing it in a few weeks when my kid goes to college. I'll get another MB triple used when I see one. I'd recommend the triple over the quad or compact triple because standard triple doesn't require 2 horns to be stacked one on top of the other.

              I have a Brass Bags trumpet/flugel which has generous inside and outside pockets. Easily fits an Arban's or Real Book. It's very light but still protective with stiff inside panels. Big enough for a large flugel like a Kanstul 1525.

              I know a person with a Wiseman case. It's VERY nice but I can't justify the price or the effort to order one from England.

              For a protective single case, it's impossible to beat Torpedo Bag. I bought one that was a "second" but it's very hard to tell from 1st run. Comes with a very handy mute bag and music pouch. Steve @ Torpedo just developed a double case. I haven't yet seen it but it's probably outstanding.

              Dillon Music has a "road case" built from a Pelican shell. Looks very solid but I don't need anything like it.

              What I need is a single piccolo trumpet case. My daughter just acquired a Schilke piccolo and it needs a resting spot when not in the Marcus Bonna case. Since Schilke piccolos are so widely used and they don't come with a case, I'm surprised there aren't more 3rd party "piccolo only" cases for them. It needs more protection than a gig bag.


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                My instructor kept his Schilke in a Stomvi piccolo case. Might be worth a look if you can find one that doesn't come with a piccolo in it!
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